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The school aims at the integral and personal information of the young.

The school aims.

  • to impart education on public school lines, keeping in view the Indian culture and global perspectives.
  • to equip the young with qualities of a good citizen besides preparing them for positions of responsibility.
  • to foster desirable attributes of character by honesty, courage, self confidence, integrity and resourcefulness with a view to make them morally strong and socially responsible.
  • to foster creativity and cultivate positive attitude with an open minded approach.
  • to become spiritually oriented men and women ofcharacter.
  • to encourage continually for excellence in every field.
  • to become agents of needed social change in their country.

Our objective is to work for a well rounded holistic education and on making learning a joyful experience. A successful graduate from S.R. International School will comprise of the following characteristics: intellectually competent, moraly sound, spiritually oriented, willing to serve, committed to doing justice and open to further growth.