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The Computer Lab ( Wi — fi Campus)

Technology is an increasingly influential factor in education. Computers are being widely used in developed countries both to complement established education practices and develop new ways of learning.

In order that children today possess a better appreciation of the technological advances going on around them it is important that their education includes the use of computers. Computers for kids is no longer a luxury rather a necessity if they are to be properly equipped with the knowledge they need to enter their future adult environment. The earlier a child begins to use a computer the better is the outcome.

Keeping in view, the needs of the evident necessity of computer knowledge, S.R. International school lays stress on computer as a compulsory part of the school curriculum. In order to keep pace with the present day Hi—Tech environment computer education is provided to children from class I onwards. Well equipped computer labs with the latest hardware and softwares have been established to present ample time for hands on experience.

Language Lab

William Butler Yeats, a British port, has so eloquently stated “education is not the filling of a a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” We personalize learning and customize it according to the needs of a child.

We have a highly advanced Language Lab, only one of its kind in Bareilly, to enrich learning and to improve the students in a broader spectrum. This lab is equipped with 41 computers, headphone, recorders and a server, covering learning areas of: listening, speaking, reading, writing, grammar by online tests, British, U.S., & Indian accents, pronunciation, voice modulation, group discussion, public speaking, interview skills and telephone etiquette.

Smart Class

To ensure joyful learning, we provide education through a Smart Class concept: a concept that completely revises the goals of education from inside out. This is a unique method of teaching/learning with new dynamic assessments which lead to the world's most personalized programme of learning for every child. Latest technology is used to give demonstration classes to the students in various subjects with the help of a computer, projector, an interactive board, CD's and DVD's.

The Library

Reading is a means of language acquisition, of communication, and of sharing information and ideas. The School library, the reading center of the school, is well stocked with books catering to varied tastes and age groups.

The school subscribes to a number of magazines and newspapers as well. In order to encourage students to use the library, a period is allocated in the timetable once a week for every standard.

The Mathematics Lab

Mathematics is used throughout the world as an essential tool in many fields, including natural science, engineering, medicine, and the social sciences such as economics and psychology. The mathematician, Benjamin Peirce, called it "the science that draws necessary conclusions".

Under the guidance of expert teachers, the Mathematics Laboratory provides various options for innovative ways of studying maths. Jigsaw puzzles, digital demonstration, abacus, measurements, shapes, figures - all these terms are now not confined to books and classrooms. Mathematics lab is a platform where students can approach the subject practically, in a way that leads to better understanding.

E.V.S. Lab

Social studies is the broad study of various fields which involves past and current human behaviour and interactions. The overall goal of teaching Social studies is to teach students how to make knowledgeable, reasoned decisions that impact society in a positive way. Geography is an important and interesting branch of social studies. It has been referred to as "the bridge between the human and physical sciences." To break the monotony of Traditional methods of teaching, even for these subjects, the school has a fine lab equipped with a number of charts, models, globe, microscope and other modern teaching material to enhance students' interest and provide for a better understanding and retention.

Science Labs

The increasing impact of science and technology has touched almost every part of our life. The revolution in the field of technology during the last few years has converted this world into a global village. Keeping in pace with this age, our labs have the state of art infrastructure.

All labs are very well equipped and practical skills are imparted to the students so that they find it easy to acquire proficiency in the latest technological inventions of human endeavour.

Practical approach towards the subject makes learning a wonderful experience for the children in these labs.

Physics Lab

The speed of light is very high but higher is the speed of thought. Young SR inventors prove this every day in the physics lab. A new concept every day is a regular feature with Triodes, diodes, galvanometers and ammeter. Learning is in real terms inspiring among Vernier Callipers, screw gauges and potentiometers.

Chemistry Lab

Students at Chemistry Lab are observed enjoying their learning amidst flasks and measuring cylinders, Bunsen burner and tunnels are their close associates and they love the ambience of porcelain dishes, burettes, tongs, reagent bottles and chemicals. Each day in lab experimenting is a step ahead in making of a budding scientist.


Doctors and surgeons in the days to come enhance their dissecting skills in the Biology Lab. All engrossed in microscopes experimenting with Saffrainine and haemotoxylin will no doubt in the days to come be the pillars of the nation.

Indoor/Outdoor Sports

When I step onto the court, I don't have to think about anything. If I have a problem off the court, I find that after I play, my mind is clearer and I can come up with a better solution. It's like therapy. It relaxes me and allows me to solve problems. - Michael Jordan

Apart from academics, a child should indulge in organized, competitive and skillful physical activities That require commitment and fair play.

With a view to promote games and sports, the school offers a number of facilities for a variety of sports. The school has a vast playground having well—maintained courts for outdoor as well as indoor games. Badminton, Basketball, Roller Skating, Football, Taekwondo, Cricket, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Athletics etc. help the students not only in building up their physique but also in developing the true sportsmanship. amongst themselves.


'Music is a vehicle for emotional expression.’ — Tolstoy.

Music has the quality of expressing the inexpressible. One can't define what music is, any attempt to define music physically does not suffice. One has to hear, with clear senses, untainted by expectation or comparison to see the beauty of music. Music touches the inner sensibilities of man, helping him achieve unison with the divine.

S.R. International school has a well—equipped music room, with instruments like: Guitars, Drums, Synthesizers, Bongo, Congo, Harmonium and Tabla to provide vocal and instrumental training to the students.

Art Room

Art is the process or product of creatively and purposely arranging elements in a way that appeals to the sense or emotions. However "the arts" may also encompass a diverse range of human activities, creations and modes of expression, including music and literature.

At S.R. Inernational School, we consider Art as a popular medium for the expression of emotions and ideas. The skills of our young children are honed by the talented teachers. Drawing, painting, sculpturing and all other concerned activities as per students’ interest are taken care of and required knowledge is imparted to them.


The increasing impact of science and technology has touched almost every part of our life. The revolution in the field of technology during the last few years has converted this world into a global village. Keeping in pace with this age, S.R. International School has a high—tech Science Park in its campus. The park is a unique feature of the institution and is first of its kind in the region. The students practically observe all the phenomenon and principles of science and inculcate modern practical approach in every task they do.