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The Entrance

A C.B.S.E., co-educational setup spread over on area of 5 acres of lush green land.

Drive through the impressive gates and usher yourself into a colossal campus with well equipped concrete structures with spacious corridors and quaint rooms brushed with the fragrance of the extensive lawns harboring exquisite plantation and forming a picturesque setting.The ambience is quiet and peaceful, ideal for academic pursuits in the lap of nature.

The Administrative block

The administrative block is a separate building, built over 3000 sq. feet of area. This block is disconnected from the main Academic block so that the students don’t get disturbed in their academic pursuits due to the everyday office affairs.

The Academic block

The academic building is 66,000 sq. feet of built up area

Ground floor is the junior section, encompassing subject specific laboratories (English Language, Science, Computer & Social Studies) with versatile lab-assistants and activity rooms well equipped for fine arts and music. The qualified and experienced faculty is well versed in importing the knowledge of each field with utmost authenticity.

The successive story of the building comprises the middle, high school and senior secondary classrooms with individual laboratories, Extra Curricular Activity rooms and a library comprising of volumes of each relevant aspect of interest to children thereby ensuring the key motive of encouraging children to develop a reading habit by introducing a plethora of text from encyclopedias to subject specific academic guides.

We have well-equipped computer labs, with Internet facility, so that children get the educational and recreational benefits of the World Wide Web, under the careful guidance of teachers. Internet browsing is made available to students on special permit to improve their awareness and assist in their project work and assignments.

On each floor, we have a Smart Class which has a first-class projector and an interactive board. Latest technology is used to give demonstration to the students on various subjects with the help of CDs and DVDs. As children learn best when they see and hear things, the Smart-Class adds the required element of entertainment, and learning, at the same time.

The library, laboratories and activity rooms are separate for the junior and the senior section, as is appropriate considering their requirements at different levels.


Open to All

Auditorium & Indoor Sports Stadium

Open to All very soon