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Admission Procedure


Admissions to various classes are carried out as per the vacancy from time to time. Registration forms are to be filled and submitted to the school’s office. After that, the applicants and parents are called for personal interaction.

All original documents to be brought on the day of interaction. Results are usually declared within a week of the interaction.

Documents required

  1. A Birth Certificate from Municipal Corporation. (In case of Pre—Nursery class only).
  2. A Transfer Certificate (Original).
  3. In case of TC coming from another district, it should be duly countersigned by the educational authorities. (As per CBSE rules).
  4. Report card of the last exam passed from the school last attended.
  5. A character certificate issued from the school. last attended.
  6. Two latest passport size photographs of the child.
  7. Two latest passport size photographs of parents/guardians.


For the withdrawal of a student, at least THIRTY DAYS notice must be given to the Principal in writing failing which, a month's fee will be charged in lieu it.

A transfer certificate will be issued only after obtaining a clearance certificate stating that all dues have been paid and the school's library books and property returned.

If the student is not returning to the school in the ensuing year, notice of withdrawal must be received by the Principal by 3lst March failing which the parents concerned will be liable to pay the full first installment fee of the ensuing year.


All absence from school, even with prior permission ofthe Principal, must be explained by the parent, in the 'Leave Record' which is found in this diary, before it can be considered and the student is admitted into class.

An absence of a month or an absence of more than three days before or after a vacation, without prior permission, renders the students liable to have his/her name removed from the rolls and must submit to a formal readmission by paying a fee of Rs. 2000/- when he/she returns provided his/her place has not been given to another applicant.

School Fee

The school fee is to be paid in quarterly instalments. Please ensure that you pay the fee by the 15th of the concerned month.