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Beyond Academics

In SR International school, there is a wide variety of Clubs and Activities for students to join.

Extra curriculars allow the children to pursue their current interests and passions and perhaps even help them find ones they did not know they had. Every child is allowed to select an Indoor club and an Outdoor club of their choice and interest, which they pursue on a daily basis and enhance their skills.

Indoor Clubs

  • Science Club
  • Quiz Club
  • Hindi Debating Club
  • English Debating Club
  • Writing Club
  • Vedic Mathematics Club
  • Mathematics Project Club
  • Coding Club
  • French Club
  • Art & Craft Club
  • Effective Communication and Personality Development Club
  • English Reading/Remedial Club
  • Hindi Reading/Remedial Club
  • Mathematics Remedial Club
  • Theatre Club
  • Multi Skill Club

Outdoor Clubs

  • Sports Club (Taekwondo)
  • Sports Club (Skating)
  • Sports Club (Football)
  • Sports Club (Cricket)
  • Sports Club (Volley Ball)
  • Music Club (Vocal)
  • Music Club (Instrumental)
  • Dance Club
  • Photography Club
  • Cooking without Fire Club

Trips & Excursions

In order to break the monotony and drudgery of the normal routine of a usual school day, the school organizes some trips and excursions, which relaxes students and serve as a miracle stress buster. Such field trips also allow the students to freely interact with friends, teachers and others.


In order to incorporate additional endeavor to build a strong foundation for the future of a student, the school organizes Olympiad exams every year. Students from class 1 to 12, participate in these exams and boost their knowledge, skill and ability. The students after participating in these exams get motivated to perform better after developing their educational skills. The students of SR International school have outshone with their performance year after year by winning various medals at district, zonal and national levels.

Personality Developement Classes

Personality is made up of the characteristic pattern of thoughts, feelings and behaviors that make a child unique. In addition to this, personality arises from within the child and remains fairly consistent throughout life. The insistence on quality of education in this era of competition calls for equally developed and able recipients.

Thus, SR International school feels a definite need for Personality Development Classes and has included a regular period of the same in the class timetable. Some of the activities taken care of in these classes are of Character Building, Improving Spoken English, Correcting Body Language and Enhancing Confidence level.

Mental Ability Classes

In a country which is known for its pioneers in the field of Science and Mathematics, we stress on replacing calculators with an abacus and Vedic Mathematics tricks, thereby activating a child’s mental agility.

For thriving in this 21st century world, it is essential to prepare today’s children for skills that go beyond the grading system. Few such skills are Logical Reasoning. Children must learn new perspectives to solve the problem each time. Reasoning skills give children room for independent thinking. By thinking out of the box, children get creative solutions to the problem they face. Hence SR International school has incorporated a regular period of the same in the class timetable.

Foreign Language

SR International school takes pride in teaching its students ‘FRENCH’, the second most widely learned foreign language after English. The language learning takes place in various interesting ways such as songs, poetry, stories, reading, writing and much more to bring fluency and command over the language. FRENCH being a major language of international communication needs to be taught to our future generation. It is the language of the future. Apart from its wide scope in career, one enjoys exploring the rich literacy, historical and cultural traditions of the French speaking world.


By creating a recreational environment filled with entertainment and fun to shape up the God gifted talents of students, the school provides many opportunities in the disguise of various celebrations held on campus.

All functions are celebrated with great splendor with a goal to spread encouragement and recognition to the staff and students.

India is the only country in the world with a rich diversity in culture, religion, customs and beliefs. The students ranging from tiny tots to senior wing, in traditional and colourful apparel, present a well-blended India through their dance, singing and theatrical performances.


NCC is the acronym of National Cadet Corps. It is the youth wing of Indian armed Forces. NCC’s role is to provide the values of character, discipline and hard work and shape the students into dynamic and responsible citizens of the country. Other than these, there are many other benefits of joining NCC. For the candidates who aspire to join the defence forces, NCC C certificate is a golden opportunity for them to go to SSB directly. Many organisations from the public sector give advantage to the candidates with the ‘C’ certification like The Indian Airlines and many more. Apart from this, many companies from Private sector also consider NCC certificate as an advantage.

Considering all these benefits, SR International provides facility to the students to enroll or to join NCC.