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Principal's Message

I.P.S Chauhan
SR International School, Bareilly

As a professional educator, I have learnt that education should have a purpose. Learning consists of the development of knowledge and personality. The multiple opportunities offered within the environment of a school enable children to equip themselves with the qualities of leadership. responsibility. teamwork and independence. These qualities in turn craft dynamic citizens who will work not only for their future but for the future of this great nation as well.

A school also teaches us to coexist as members of a single humanity. In this age of globalization, respecting everyone regardless of race, religion or gender will make us true citizens of this globe.

Today, knowledge is accumulating in leaps and bounds. New today is old tomorrow. Thus, the old must give way to the new. The traditional learning from books combined with futuristic methods of education will provide students with the expertise to reach the heights of success.

A school with creative activities at the core of its curriculum is fully geared to mould children into independent and critical thinkers. The purpose should not just be to fill empty minds but to ignite them so as to assimilate information that will enable them to come up with new and innovative ideas.

Finally, no school can be successful without having a value system in place. Children should be taught that honesty and integrity are the trademarks of a person with the highest character and that fairness, decency and uprightness are virtues to be proud of in a world that values money more.

when a school, the children and the parents come together as one, it is a great beginning, as working together is the key to long-term success.