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In order to realize the highest quality education for all our children, consistent with realizing an equitable, inclusive and plural society, we plan our academic years in the most student centric form. The sole focus being on student’s progress as an individual, further makes learning a fruitful experience for them. The strong curriculum, rules and regulations, co-curricular activities, absolute discipline and interactive classroom teaching, all lead to ample opportunities needed for holistic development essential to lead a fulfilling life.

EVER ONWARDS EVER UPWARDS is not just our philosophy but also the driving force behind all our endeavor. The school believes that the pursuit of knowledge is the pursuit of growth in varied aspects.

The effectiveness of the curriculum also depends upon the teachers and their capacities, involvement of parents, resources available and administrative support. In order to achieve this, we believe in keeping our faculty up to date with all the latest development in the field of academics. Each member of the staff is encouraged to take up research and is regularly sent for training program.


Supervised play - based education in groups and individually is particularly important for the children to nurture and develop the child’s innate capabilities of curiosity, creativity, teamwork, compassion and awareness of the immediate environment. In order to achieve this, the school offers activity - based learning along with formal interactive classroom learning in order to lay a solid foundation in reading, writing, speaking, art, languages, Science and Mathematics.

The various methods adopted by teachers to achieve these objectives are:

  • Learning by doing
  • Picture conversations
  • Story telling
  • Role-plays
  • Shared, guided and independent reading
  • Skill focused writing
  • Personality development classes
  • Collaborative Learning
  • Interdisciplinary Learning
  • Laboratory based learning
  • Project based learning
  • Teaching through audio-visual aids
  • Participation in various National and International level competitions
  • Wide range of subjects in all the three streams – Science, Commerce and Humanities


An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest A workshop is an opportunity to learn new skills. It is a medium of connecting student and teachers to another person’s world. To keep the staff and students abreast with the latest technologies of teaching, learning process and update them with the global trends in education, a number of workshops are organized round every year.