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Computer Lab

Technology is an increasingly influential factor in education. Computers are being widely used in developed countries both to complement established education practices and develop new ways of learning.

In order that children today possess a better appreciation of the technological advances going on around them it is important that their education includes the use of computers. Computers for kids is no longer a luxury rather a necessity if they are to be properly equipped with the knowledge they need to enter their future adult environment. The earlier a child begins to use a computer the better is the outcome.

Keeping in view, the needs of the evident necessity of computer knowledge, S.R. International school lays stress on computer as a compulsory part of the school curriculum. In order to keep pace with the present day Hi—Tech environment computer education is provided to children from class I onwards. Well equipped computer labs with the latest hardware and softwares have been established to present ample time for hands on experience.

Smart Class

To ensure joyful learning, we provide education through a Smart Class concept; a concept that completely revises the goals of education from inside out. This is a unique method of teaching/learning with new dynamic assessments which lead to the world’s most personalized programme of learning for every child. Latest technology is used to give demonstration classes to the students in various subjects with the help of a computer, projector and an interactive board.

The Library

Reading is a means of language acquisition, of communication and of sharing information and ideas. The school library, the reading centre of the school, is well stocked with books catering to varied tastes and age groups.

The school subscribes a number of magazines and newspapers as well. Students are encouraged to use the library. Book reading sessions are also held to generate their interest in reading.


Regular physical activity in childhood and adolescence is important for promoting lifelong health and well-being, preventing various health conditions. Believing on this motto, the school offers a compulsory activity period to all the students starting from pre-primary to senior secondary, in which children are trained by specialized coaches in different sports like Taekwondo, Skating, Football, Roll ball, Table tennis, Cricket, Basketball and Volleyball. The school has a lush green sports ground, with dedicated areas for different sports. For skating and basketball, there are turf-based rinks to avoid injuries.

Music Room

The school has a dedicated music studio, with all the latest facilities and accessories, where students are taught the fine nuances of music. The music room is equipped with a range of musical instruments like Harmonium, Tabla, Congo, Bongo, Synthesizer, Guitar and Drums. The specialized coaches teach students both vocal and instrumental Indian Classical/western music.

Dance Studio

A separate and well-equipped dance room is another facility for our students, wherein the students are trained in all forms of dances in a fun filled manner, resulting in inculcating confidence and nurturing their talent.


The school has a beautiful Amphitheatre. It is an oval shaped and open aired performance space used for entertainment, performances and sports. The two big statues of dinosaurs add up into the excitement of the children.