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Mentor's Message

Mr. Arvind Kumar Goel
(Philanthropist & Educationist)
SR International School, Bareilly

God’s greatest blessing to human beings has been the ability to realize the opportunities that come their way to ameliorate themselves in life and this is possible through an institution which assists in imparting knowledge eradicating the shackles of ignorance. Being able to read, write and understand life in an enlightened perspective is the ideal aim of any successful educational centre. Thus, we seek only the best.

Moreover it also lies in the hands of those who thirst for a wholesome life and knowledge; for there is an apt saying ~ “God helps those who help themselves." The ultimate goal of this institution is to impart quality education and excellence in all fields by propagating patriotic, social and ethical values for a responsible citizen in the society and to develop a sense of commitment and sincerity for working habits and study skills, to approach the academic work with self discipline and motivation.

Lastly, but most importantly, it is essential to realize the necessity of imparting education to all children as their right and each conscious adult must adhere to its practice.